Tuesday, March 24, 1992

Superman - 1992

I wish I were Superman.

    But, I'm only me.

Superman's faster than a speeding bullet.

    I'm afraid if I run in the halls, I might hit somebody.

Superman can bend steel without straining.

    I have trouble opening a bag of potato chips.

Superman is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    I trip on my shoe laces.

Superman has X-ray vision.

    I have to wear glasses.

Superman has nerves of steel.

    I have a stomach full of butterflies.

Superman can turn back time.

    I have to live with my mistakes.

Superman is a caring person.

    Well, so am I.

Superman fell in love.

    I have too.

Superman got the girl he wanted.

    ...Boy, do I wish I were Superman.